WoE — PvP Arena Deathmatch Tournament

2 min readJan 6, 2024


The most competitive WoE tournament ever is coming!

Prepare for the ultimate battles! Introducing the WoE Death Match Tournament!

Starting Date: 09/01/24 — 18.00 UTC
Ending Date: 14/01/24 — 18.00 UTC

We changed the rules a bit and increased competition. In this tournament you will have to be stronger against your opponents!

During the Deathmatch tournament, you can battle players with 250 points above and below your score.

We’ve removed the limits! You will be able to fight players in the appropriate score range as many times as you want.

Sharpen your skills, assemble your team, upgrade your items and get ready to dive into the fiercest competition yet!

Reward Pool

Total Reward Pool: 250k $ELDA token + min. 250K $ELDA worth of NFTs + Mirage Pack Free Mint Event WLs (guaranteed)

Top Player Rewards

  • 1st Place: 100.000 $ELDA
  • 2nd Place: 50.000 $ELDA
  • 3rd Place: 25.000 $ELDA
  • 4th Place: 10.000 $ELDA
  • 5th Place: 5000 $ELDA
  • 6th Place: 4000 $ELDA
  • 7th Place: 3500 $ELDA
  • 8th Place: 3000 $ELDA
  • 9th Place: 2500 $ELDA
  • 10th Place: 2000 $ELDA
  • 11–15. 11th to 15th Place: A shared pool of 7500 $ELDA tokens (1500 $ELDA each)
  • 16–20. 16th to 20th Place: A shared pool of 5000 $ELDA tokens (1000 $ELDA each)
  • 21–30. 21st to 30th Place: A shared pool of 7500 $ELDA tokens (750 $ELDA each)
  • 31–40. 31st to 40th Place: A shared pool of 5000 $ELDA tokens (500 $ELDA each)
  • 41–50. 41st to 50th Place: A shared pool of 2500 $ELDA tokens (250 $ELDA each)

Clan Rewards

Join the clan rankings with the total points of the 5 players who earned the most points in your clan. At least five players from your clan must be on the leaderboard.

  • 1st Place: 12.500 $ELDA
  • 2nd Place: 5000 $ELDA

The points of the 5 clan members with the most points will be added up and this will determine your clan’s place on the leaderboard! If you have won a prize, your clan leader will distribute it.

Other Rewards

Every player will have 10 PvP Arena tickets that refill every day. Players who use all of their daily tickets during the tournament will be rewarded with Mirage Pack Free Mint Event WLs (guaranteed).

In addition to these prizes, you can also win prizes by participating in events during the tournament.

Score System

PvP Game Entry: 1 Point (win/lose)

Attack team win/lose: 10 Points / -5 Points

Defense team win/lose: 5 Points / -5 Points

How to Join the Tournament?

Step 1- Get your free pack from Digard.io

Step 2- Download the latest Eldarune: WoE Mobile version from the ‘’📱︱mobile-version’’ channel on our Discord server

Step 3- ENJOY!

Exciting battles, epic clashes, and legendary moments await you! Are you ready to rise to the challenge?




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