Unleashing the Adventure: Explore Eldarune — World of Elymnias (WoE) in Our Thrilling Mainnet Release!

7 min readAug 9, 2023


We are thrilled to announce that our highly anticipated game, “Eldarune — WoE“ Dungeon mode has finally gone live on the mainnet!


We are thrilled to announce that our highly anticipated game, “Eldarune — WoE“ Dungeon mode has finally gone live on the mainnet! It’s an exciting time for us, and we’re eager to take you on a journey into our fantastical world. To make this moment even more special, only 50 lucky gamers will be able to embark on this adventure from the very beginning.

All Alec WL owners are exclusively rewarded for being early with 4 different Oathstones from each rarity.But don’t worry if you missed out; the second phase of Alec NFT WL applications is now open for another 50 gamers who can participate by holding a 750 $ELDA token in their wallets and filling out the form on the website. Here’s the tip; the more you hold the more chances you have.

Alec NFTThe Gateway to Eldarune — WoE and more!

Alec is not only the main character of the Eldarune — WoE Campaign mode but also it’s a Soulbounded NFT , a Cutting-edge digital asset that is set to be the key to unlocking all Eldarune — The World of Elymnias game modes and even more! The only way to claim Alec NFT is by holding 750 $ELDA and having a WL. If you’re one of the lucky members that won Alec NFT WL, here’s how to claim:

- Go to Digard App and connect your eligible wallet
- Press the “ Store button on the top menu.
- Press the “Alec” and after “Buy” buttons
- Be sure you have WL and enough $ELDA in your wallet before you hit “Mint”
- Alec NFT will appear in “ My Wallet > Inventory ” after you finalize the transactions for the mint.

Now, you have the key, let’s continue to open the door and check what’s behind it.

Introducing the Dungeons of Elymnias: Embrace the Grind

For hardcore gamers and dedicated enthusiasts seeking a challenge, Dungeon mode is the ultimate choice. This mode is tailored for those who love the grind and are ready to put their luck and skills to the test. In Dungeon mode, players will face waves of Quadro-enemies in various dungeon maps and stages. To attain victory, they must conquer all enemies on each level. The rewards in the Dungeons grow exponentially with the difficulty, providing a juicy incentive to those who are up for the challenge.

Choose Your Fighters: Champion NFTs

Champions are Nobel fighters of Elymnias world. With more than 40 different Champion NFTs to choose from, players have a diverse array of characters at their disposal. Each Champion belongs to various classes such as Sorcerer, Justiciar, Paladin, Healer, and many more, each with unique abilities and playstyles. To succeed in Dungeons, players must carefully pick a team of at least four different Champions to fight for glory and victory.

Players can meet with some of the Champions while helping Alec as companions to defeat hundreds of monsters in Elymnias at Campaign Mode. And learn their stories by interacting with AI-Powered NPCs. Stay tuned for the mainnet announcement of Campaign Mode.


How to Get Champion NFTs: Visit the Store and Crack the Oathstones

Step into the Store on Digard, and you’ll find a variety of enticing options to enhance your gaming experience. Discover the power of Oathstones and Claim your Alec NFT, with more offerings to be added in the future.

Oathstones are glowing artifacts that produce Champions when someone cracks to open them. Some say it’s magic, some others say it’s science. Who knows what is the truth behind let’s focus on how they work and how to get them.

Oathstones Droprates

Oathstones are now available to purchase only with $ELDA token from the Store. Up to 10 pieces of Oathstones could be purchased in a single transaction. From Uncommon to Legendary, there are four different rarities of Oathstones. Each of them provides different percentages of chances to get a Champion NFT.

*Oathstone prices could be changed in both ways depending on future events and campaigns.

Another way to get Oathstone is having ELDA Runes NFTs. Holders can stake their NFTs for a certain period of time to get Oathstones. For more information about staking ELDA Runes NFTs and Champion NFT Drop rates, visit our medium article here.

The Mechanics of Dungeon Mode: Strategy and Rewards

Dungeon Mode brings a unique gameplay experience that encourages players to develop their Champions by equipping items and upgrading both Items and Champions. As players progress through different Dungeons with their Champions, they will encounter enemies of varying difficulties, which directly influence the rewards they can earn.

Claiming the “Victory” against these enemies will grant players a chance to win $ELDA and/or in-game NFT rewards, creating a sustainable and rewarding system that adds depth to the gameplay. Currently, drop rates and rewarding algorithms are in progress. Other than that, early gamers will be rewarded exclusively.

To check and claim the rewards:

  • Visit app.digard.io > Connect with Registered Wallet
  • Check https://app.digard.io/my-wallet/claim to claim in-game NFT and $ELDA token rewards. After claiming in-game items will be available to use in-game.

Item NFTs: Empowering Your Champions

Dive into a realm of customization with Item NFTs, encompassing nine distinct types: Armors, Weapons, Cloaks, Shields, Belts, Boots, Rings, Helms, and Amulets. These NFTs provide exclusive bonuses upon your Champions’ abilities which are HP bonus, Armor bonus and Damage bonus. As items level up, their bonuses progressively increase. Items can be leveled up to 10, to help to improve Champions fighting skills through the Workshop.

Workshop: Upgrading Your Items

Enter the Workshop, a hub of improvement where players can merge two Item NFTs to create superior versions and upgrade their arsenal. Upgrading Items are easy:

- Go to Workshop
- Pick the item that you want to Upgrade and click “Upgrade”
- You need to burn 2 identical item NFT and
- Press the “Upgrade Now” button and finalize the transaction.

Beyond enhancing items, we’re excited to announce that Champion NFT upgrades will soon be available, empowering players to reach new heights of strength and prowess.

The Best Way to Play: Autoplaying

For those seeking a more relaxed approach to gameplay, Dungeon mode introduces the revolutionary auto-play feature, which allows players to automate their battles seamlessly. Embrace the convenience of auto-play and let the game handle the action for you! However, there’s a catch — players need autoplay tickets to access this automated mode. During the initial phase, early players will be granted free 24 Auto-Play Tickets as a special bonus for each day. But don’t worry, even if you join later, you will be able to purchase these tickets with $ELDA on Store to experience the ease of auto-play.

As we embark on this thrilling adventure together, we value your feedback and support immensely. Please feel free to share any bugs or issues you encounter while playing the game to on our discord. Your invaluable input will enable us to refine and enhance the gaming experience, ensuring that we build the best possible game for our dedicated community.

With your help and participation, we will continue to evolve Eldarune — WoE, introducing new maps, Champions, and features that will keep the excitement alive. Together, let’s forge an unforgettable gaming experience and create a community that thrives on camaraderie and shared adventures.

Thank you for joining us on this incredible journey. The adventure has just begun, and we can’t wait to witness your triumphs and successes in our captivating world. Stay tuned for more updates and surprises as we shape the future of Eldarune. Game on, and may the thrill of Dungeon mode keep you enchanted for countless hours of enjoyment!

How to Play

  1. Visit Digard.io
  2. Download DGM
  3. Install
  4. Register
  5. Visit https://app.digard.io/
  6. Claim your Alec
  7. Go to DGM & Login
  8. Download Eldarune
  9. Optimize your graphics
  10. Play and Enjoy
  11. Check https://app.digard.io/my-wallet/claim to see if you get rewarded or not
  12. Claim your rewards or try again
  13. Upgrade Your Items and Put them on your champions to become stronger and complete harder dungeons.
  14. If you face any issues, feel free to ask any questions on our social channels.




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