Silence Shattered, Power Unleashed: ELDA Awakens

2 min readJul 12, 2023


What awaits the Eldarune Community in the upcoming days?


Now Eldarune is a Gaming Factory. While we are building our structure, we focused on interoperability in all cases, from NFTs to in-game assets. The structure that we created now provides us to build new different genre games quickly.

So, the ELDA token is now a gaming factory token, not a game token.

New Whitepaper & New Website

All of the re-branding process and Eldarune’s new structure with our vision and mission will be explained in detail with our new whitepaper.

Alec NFT for Free

Who wants to play Eldarune: World of Elmynias and Heroes of Eldarune, needs to own Alec NFT. Alec NFT is free but to claim it for free you need to hold 750 $ELDA tokens in your wallet.

Mainnet Release: Eldarune: World of Elymnias

The long-awaited is coming soon. New gameplay mechanics were implemented. Now players will have a chance to chat with our AI on Help & Support Desk.

Mainnet Release: Heroes of Eldarune

Heroes of Eldarune (HoE) is a simple card game that focuses on skill and luck on browsers(chrome, Opera, Mozilla, etc.) to acquire more Web 3 users.

HoE will start as the most basic card game, and the development and improvements will be made by Eldarune Community by using DAO Mechanism.

HoE also shows the interoperability capabilities of Eldarune. Every champion that you have on Eldarune: World of Elymnias is usable on HoE.

Heroes before HoEs!


We will start our AMA Calendar again with a Community AMA!

Job Opportunities

We are growing our team with new hires, especially for our Growth and Marketing Department. Better strategies, faster growth, a bigger community more winners!

Equity Investment

We will announce a couple of Equity Investment News Soon!

ELDA Runes

A new power of ELDA Runes will be usable on Heroes of Eldarune.

New Zealy

Now, Zealy is for the best supporters of the Eldarune Community, join Zealy to be a part of Eldarune Special Forces: The Dragon Army!

Token Burn

The Dragon is so angry! Wait for the Token Burn!

500 Sorcerers

Free to mint PFP NFT collection for ELDA Holders.

Where to Buy ELDA?

Bybit or PancakeSwap




Eldarune is a Game Factory that develops AI-powered 4k ARPG Game Eldarune: Word of Elymnias and Card Game Heroes of Eldarune