June 2024 | $ELDA Investor Spotlight

What happened on Eldarune this month?

4 min readJun 30, 2024
  • Red Box Free to Mint Event
  • HoE, WoE & Journey Developments
  • New Champion Koi with Unique Features
  • New Strategic Partners
  • New updates for Eldarune and Digard
  • New WoE Version and Celebration Tournament

Red Box Free to Mint Event

On June 3rd, the Red Box Mint Event was successfully completed. Only whitelist owners were able to mint. All non-minted supply is saved for future tournaments, events and collaborations!

Eldarune’s expansion to Avalanche is what makes Red Box special. Thus, we move step by step to Multichain.

This is the first special collection of Eldarune NFTs! Each Red Box is packed with brand-new, exclusive content specifically designed and branded for Avalanche gaming community. We will share news about the reveal day in the coming days!

New Partnerships

Mines of Dalarnia: An evolving platform-mining blockchain game, filled with single and multiplayer action, built for every gamer. Together we will shape Web3 ecosystem!

Moonveil: A gamer-first ecosystem. Our community has been activated to ascend within the ‘Rock’it to the Moon’ event and earn Moonveil L2 ecosystem rewards.

Zone Nine: World’s 1st AAA Zombie Survival Web3 Game IP Ecosystem. This collab offers many benefits for our community and Eldarune.

HoE Updates

Developments continue in HoE’s test environment. We are working on a lot of new features. Our goal is to maximize the player experience and bring new fun. We can give you some info about what’s coming!

We are integrating a new dungeon mode into HoE. With the support of AI, you can achieve victories at different stages in this mode.

Now you will be able to use your items in Heroes of Eldarune! So make sure to drop new items in WoE. We will share new details soon!

We are making improvements for a better experience with a new matchmaking system and new designs.

Journey Updates

Dev. team has almost completed the Journey! New journals, UI updates, new designs integrated into the journey, Bug fixes, more and more…

Our team is constantly testing Journey to optimize your experience. Don’t be surprised to see Journey released very soon!

WoE Updates

We remind you that last month there were very hot updates on World of Elymnias development. Now let’s add a few more updates to this long list:

  • Fixed camera angle bugs and further improved AI in Clan Boss mode.
  • Improved graphics on Mode page.
  • Added Tip display.
  • New sound effects added.
  • Doubled the texture quality of characters appearing on character select screens.
  • Some character boosted.
  • Updated run and attack animations.
  • Particle FX and Sound FX updated.

Meet New Champion Koi

Koi is Eldarune’s new Legendary champion. Different from other, she has higher level abilities. In addition to having more humanoid gestures, she can also speak. She is the first character with these new traits in the Eldarune universe but not the last!

New WoE Version and Celebration Tournament

The most improved version of WoE released! You’ll be able to keep grinding wherever you go with Idle to Earn. We will continue to make improvements while you have fun!

We are crowning this with a special tournament. This exciting Tournament starts tomorrow.

Check our Discord for details

Upcoming Updates

Multichain, tournaments, game developments and more here. Stay tuned for more news in the coming days!

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