HoE Closed Beta & Mirage Pack

3 min readJan 3, 2024

Join the Adventure: Heroes of Eldarune’s Closed Beta and Exclusive Free Mint Event!

Get ready for a new journey in the world of Eldarune! We are thrilled to announce the Closed Beta of our newest Trading Card Game (TCG), “HoE — Heroes of Eldarune”, along with a special, Mirage Pack, Free Mint event.

What is HoE — Heroes of Eldarune?

HoE is a Trading Card Game that combines strategy, luck, and competition. Accessible on all platforms, HoE offers a simple, browser-based gaming experience.

Gameplay: One Click Login, Easy to play.

  • Start with Basics: Initially playable with basic mechanics, with room for improvement based on community feedback.
  • Strategy and Luck: A balanced combination to maximize fun.
  • Specific Play Hours: Scheduled gameplay to enhance the competitive environment.
  • Entry Requirements: Players need at least 10 Champion NFTs to start a battle.

In Heroes of Eldarune uses a mana system for activating Champions:

* Common Champions: 1 Mana

* Uncommon Champions: 2 Mana

* Rare Champions: 3 Mana

* Epic Champions: 4 Mana

* Legendary Champions: 5 Mana

Each game starts with 1 mana, and you gain an additional mana each turn. Plan your deck wisely to maximize your gameplay strategy!

What Makes HoE Unique?

- Accessible and User-Friendly: Playable on almost all PC and mobile devices.

- Simple Game Mechanics: Easy to learn, ensuring a smooth gaming experience without confusion.

- PvP Battles: Engage in competitive PvP battles and climb the ranks of Top Players.

- Rewards System: Earn exciting rewards, including $ELDA token and interoperable Eldarune NFTs .

- Community-Driven Development: The game will improve with feedback and suggestions from the Eldarune community via ELDA Dao.

Closed Beta Details

  • Limited Access: A unique opportunity to be among the first to experience HoE.
  • Feedback Opportunity: Participants can provide valuable insights to shape the game’s future.
  • Exclusive Rewards: $ELDA tokens, Eldarune NFTs, and more!

Mirage Pack — Free Mint Event

  • Exclusive Offer: A chance to mint an exclusive, limited supply NFT pack.
  • Limited Availability: Be quick to grab your spot in this one-of-a-kind event!
  • Mirage Pack: HoE Beta launch entry ticket, up to 20000 $ELDA worth of NFT rewards and surprise Eldarune NFTs.

How to get WL

1. Engage with @PlayEldarune social media posts.

2. Share your excitement for the upcoming Eldarune — HoE launch on X(Twitter). Post a tweet about Eldarune, HoE beta launch, must tag @PlayEldarune and use #Eldarune $ELDA #TCG #WEB3Games hashtags.

You can use following draft:

I just want to get a WL spot for the Mirage Pack from @playeldarune, a game factory with one token, $ELDA, and 4 interoperable games. The Closed Beta for their new game starts on Jan 15th. Really hoping to be selected. LFG #web3gaming

3. Register via Premint or AlphaBot.

4. Be proactive in the Eldarune community.

I got my WL now. What?

Congratulations! Don’t forget if you do not tweet about Eldarune you will lose your guaranteed WL chance!

Once you get your WL, you have 24 hours to post a tweet about Eldarune and get your role.

Be careful! No Spams allowed!

You can use following draft:

I’ve secured the WL spot for the Mirage Pack by @playeldarune! 🎉 I can’t wait to play interoperable games with same NFTs and $ELDA token. Excited for the Closed Beta starting Jan 15th. Let’s go! #web3gaming

Don’t miss this chance to be part of the beta launch of Heroes of Eldarune. Join us in shaping the future of web3 gaming!




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