Eldarune on Avalanche!

5 min readFeb 5, 2024


Eldarune is fully integrating Avalanche with the ELDA Token, Eldarune NFTs, and four different games, starting with Red Box, Free to mint event on April. 8th April indicates our pioneering move in 2022 to release our subnet on Avalanche, making us as one of the first three projects to swiftly adopt and implement the new subnet technology.

Red Box Free Mint Event

Introducing the Red Box Free Mint Event, exclusively on Avalanche! Dive into our special celebration crafted for the Red Coin community, featuring a limited edition collection of Item, and Champions NFT. Each Red Box is packed with brand-new, exclusive content specifically designed and branded for Avalanche gaming community.

The first special collection of Eldarune NFTs!

Supply: 666 (+ 222)
Chain: Avalanche
Price: Free Mint
Mint Date: TBA

How to Get WL

  1. Play Eldarune games: Participate the upcoming tournaments(WoE), and playtests(HoE)
  2. Engage with @PlayEldarune social media posts. Join Eldarune discord.
  3. Register via Premint or AlphaBot(TBA)
  4. Share your excitement for the upcoming Eldarune — Red Box on X(Twitter). Post a tweet about Eldarune, Red Box launch, must tag @PlayEldarune and use #Eldarune $ELDA #RedBox #WEB3Games hashtags.

Other than these, you can get WL through collaborations with partner projects of Eldarune after collabs are open(TBA). Stay tuned for more details about the WL and collaborations.

ELDA Token

ELDA is the one and only cryptocurrency of the Eldarune Universe. Along with DeFi options, the $ELDA token has various utilities:
- Store: Oathstones, NFT Packs, Autoplay Tickets and more! Players can purchase in-game NFT assets with $ELDA token from the Store.
- NFT Upgrade: Players must spend $ELDA token to upgrade their Champions, item NFTs to improve their arsenal.
- Event participation: Players need to pay $ELDA to enter certain competitions, and tournaments to win some exclusive rewards.
- ELDA DAO: Holders of ELDA token can participate in the governance of the Eldarune games via ELDA DAO.
- Staking/Farming: Elda tokens can be staked and farmed outside of the game to increase their value.

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Games of Eldarune

World of Elymnias

WoE offers three core idle game modes, Dungeon(Idle — Grinding) mode, Clan Boss (Idle — PvPvE), and PvP Arena(Idle PvP) mode. Each is crafted to offer players a unique blend of strategic gameplay and the opportunity to engage with the Eldarune’s ecosystem on their terms.

Discover how playing World of Elymnias not only brings fun and strategy but also gives you the chance to collect unique digital items that play a crucial role in the Eldarune games.

Heroes of Eldarune

Heroes of Eldarune is a simple PvP Card Game that you can play with Eldarune NFTs. In the beginning, Heroes of Eldarune will be playable with its most basic mechanics. Eldarune Community and Eldarune DAO mechanism will determine the game’s improvements. HoE is browser-based and accessible from both PC and mobile devices.

HoE focuses on both skill and luck at the same time to increase the joy of the game.

Eldarune Journey

In the mystical realm of Elymnias, a vibrant and diverse world filled with ancient magic, mythical creatures, and untold treasures awaits. Players step into the shoes of brave adventurers, armed with their unique Champions NFTs, equipped with the finest crafted Item NFTs and powered with ELDA Runes NFTs. The question is Will they sacrifice their precious for exclusivity?


Elda Rush is a revolutionary development in the world of MOBA gaming, set to take the eSports scene by storm. Elda Rush combines the strategic intensity of legendary titles like League of Legends and Dota 2 with the innovation of blockchain technology. This game will be available on both PC and mobile platforms, ensuring that gamers can immerse themselves in the action wherever they go. Elda Rush offers a dynamic gaming experience with various modes, including 3v3 and 5v5 battles, allowing players to assemble their dream teams and engage in epic clashes of skill, strategy, and teamwork.

Interoperable NFTs of Eldarune


Oathstones is a stone where Champion NFTs are generated.

Oathstone is one of the most important parts of the Eldarune. The Champions of Eldarune can be generated by using these artifacts.

Players can win Oathstones by playing, staking, and completing quests. And they can also purchase Oathstones from the Store on Digard dApp.


Champions are Nobel fighters of Elymnias world. With more than 40 different Champion NFTs to choose from, players have a diverse array of characters at their disposal. Each Champion belongs to various classes such as Tank, Ranged, Support, Mage, Rogue, Melee Warrior, and more, each with unique abilities, skills, and weapons. To succeed in grinding Dungeons, battling on the PvP Arena, and merging for Clan Boss wars, players must carefully pick a team of at least four different Champions to fight for glory and victory.

Items & Upgrade

Dive into a realm of customization with Item NFTs, various Item Sets will be released in the future, the first set is the Basic Item Set, encompassing nine distinct types: Armors, Weapons, Cloaks, Shields, Belts, Boots, Rings, Helms, and Amulets. These NFTs provide exclusive bonuses upon your Champions’ abilities which are HP bonus, Armor bonus and Damage bonus. As items level up, their bonuses progressively increase. Items can be leveled up to 10, to help to improve Champions fighting skills through the Workshop.

Item NFTs have a mysterious side to them — hidden stats and upgrades that no one knows about. As they level up, these items get better, but there isn’t any details about how they improve. One thing’s for sure with these items — equipping higher-level ones gets you closer to winning. As players grind in the Dungeons, they’ll drop Items and claim them on Digard. Current rates can be found just before picking the Stage of the Dungeons. The higher the stage, the better the drop rates and the quantity of items.

NFT Staking

NFT staking allows users to “lock up” their NFTs in a smart contract for a certain period. This act of staking helps secure the network or contributes to the game’s ecosystem in some way.

In return for staking your NFTs, you receive rewards. These can be in the form of new NFTs (such as exclusive items or champions), cryptocurrencies, or tokens that can be used within the game or platform. The nature and value of the rewards often depend on the specific rules of the staking mechanism, including the rarity of the staked NFTs, the length of time they are staked, and the overall contribution to the ecosystem.




Eldarune is a Game Factory that develops AI-powered 4k ARPG Game Eldarune: Word of Elymnias and Card Game Heroes of Eldarune