Eldarune | May 2024

6 min readJun 1, 2024



- WoE Developments and Improvements — Exclusive Live Stream

- HoE & Journey New Updates

- HoE Wars Tournament

- Red Box Tournament Rewards Distributed

- New Partnerships and Partner Events

- ELDA Runes Hold & Earn Event

- Special Blockchain Events

- NFT Boosted Staking Pools

- Red Box Free Mint Event Preparations

World of Elymnias

This month the dev. team is fully focused on WoE development. This decision was taken to make WoE accessible to players earlier and to increase the enjoyment of the gameplay. During this development process, the Clan Boss mode was developed, bugs were fixed and the UI was improved. Let’s check the details!


  • New UI improvements have been made. — 100% complete.
  • The interface has been adapted to all device screen sizes.
  • Graphic quality improved.
  • New animations added.
  • All mode maps have been updated.
  • New camera system added.
  • Fixed existing camera bugs.
  • Clan system has been improved.
  • The in-game clan recruitment system has been completed.
  • Dungeon party selection menu updated.
  • All stages have been optimized.
  • Clan Boss mode improvements have been completed.
  • Boss damage has been improved.
  • Digard logo and new animations have been added to the login loading screen.
  • All Loading screens have been updated.

Once the above updates were completed, we showed you the last version of WoE in a livestream.

If you missed it, check the stream recording: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/2159991601

Heroes of Eldarune

We are developing a new game mode for HoE. We are also updating the matchmaking system to eliminate sybil attack and fraudulent activity. HoE Guide added to the deck builder page so you can learn how to play. New arena and card slots designed. Apart from these, Interface improvements, new animations, graphics updates are actively working on it.

HoE Wars Tournament

We held a big tournament to celebrate two awesome days — May the Fourth and Revenge of the Fifth — Featuring a huge prize pool of 25,000 $ELDA Tokens and Oathstone NFTs, the tournament was open to all Star Wars fans.

Red Box Tournament Rewards Distributed

After careful review of all pertinent data, we have taken steps to eliminate any instances of sybil attacks and fraudulent activity to ensure fair distribution of rewards. After the review, we distributed all token and RedBox WL rewards.

Eldarune Journey Almost Ready

As we mentioned in previous update notes; a few of the smart contracts and journeys are ready. We continue to develop the necessary interface enhancements. Get ready to hear about Journey’s hot developments in June!

New Partnerships and Partner Events

This month we welcomed many new partners to Eldarune. Immutable and Portal were our most highlighted partnerships!

Portal- Eldarune Studio’s interoperable games will be available on the Portal Discovery Platform.

Immutable- This partnership allows us to capitalize on the unique features of the Immutable zkEVM chain.

MemeProfAI- MemeProfAI is an AI-powered SocialFi platform. We will bring a new level to gaming tech with our AI tech.

MetaPals- Equip your MetaPal with an exclusive, limited-edition Eldarune cloak and prepare for an adventure like no other!

Ultiverse- We gave WL rewards for Red Box Mint event with missions created in Ultiverse.

DATS Project- DATS Project is here to solution Web3’s cybersecurity problems. Eldarune to use DATS Project security services.

Alliance Games- Chain of Alliance is a turn-based, party-builder RPG, utilizing the advantages of Web3 to empower the players. We celebrated this partnership with a giveaway of 20 Alliance Pass WLs.

Petobots- We Participated in Petobots’ Blast Airdrop Campaign.

ELDA Runes Hold & Earn Event

We announced the Hold & Earn Final round on May 1. ELDA Runes owners joined the event with their NFTs via dApp. According to the rarity of their NFTs, they will earn $ELDA by holding NFTs for 1 month!

Hold 1 Unique ELDA Rune → Earn 22000 $ELDA Tokens

Hold 1 Ancient ELDA Rune → Earn 8000 $ELDA Tokens

Hold 2 Legendary ELDA Runes → Earn 6000 $ELDA Tokens

Hold 3 Epic ELDA Runes → Earn 4000 $ELDA Tokens

Hold 4 Rare ELDA Runes → Earn 2800 $ELDA Tokens

Hold 6 Uncommon ELDA Runes → Earn 2000 $ELDA Tokens

Hold 10 Common ELDA Runes → Earn 1600 $ELDA Tokens

Special Blockchain Events

We are very glad to be able to participate in these events representing Eldarune. Through these events we are able to meet important projects and individuals that can add value to Eldarune. It also gives us the opportunity to showcase the Eldarune ecosystem, meet our community face-to-face and show how interoperability works with our games.

Game Expo Summit Panel

Eldarune BD Lead participated in this panel. He represents our Game Studio on this panel about Web3 gaming , highlighting Eldarune’s contributions to Web3 gaming.

Wormhole Event

Wormhole Event organized by Superteam Turkey. We celebrated that Wormhole is now in Turkey.

Solana Crossroad Conference

The conference welcomed a star-studded speaker line-up of 50+ industry leaders. Luci attended to represent Eldarune at this Solana Event.


There were many fruitful conferences and a chance to meet important projects. Our team had the opportunity to meet Stevedabitcoin.

Boosted Staking Pools

Boosted staking pools are closed for new staking starting today. This was your last chance to benefit from high APYs with ELDA Runes Token Boost NFTs until June 1st. After the current boosted pools staking period (120 days), new boosted pools will open with lower APYs.

Red Box Free Mint Event

The date of Mint is confirmed; Red Box Free Mint Event on June 3rd.

Supply: 666 (+ 222)
Chain: Avalanche
Price: Free Mint
Mint Per Wallet: 1 Mint

Red Box is the first exclusive box of Eldarune NFTs designed for the Avalanche Community, featuring a limited edition Items and the Champion NFTs!

Wallet Checker Integrated into DApp

Before the Red Box Event kicks off, make sure to check your wallet address to avoid any hiccups during the event.

How to Check
1- Go to the dApp
2- Connect your wallet with the Avalanche (C-Chain) Network.
3- Go to the Store and then the RedBox mint page to check your whitelist status. Refresh the page if you change your wallet to see if it’s whitelisted.




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