Eldarune — March 2024

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  • ELDA Runes NFT Collection Re-launched
  • HoE Tournaments and Events
  • Onchains NFT Collection
  • Digard Testnet Phase 1 Preparations Announced
  • 2 New Partnerships
  • HoE, WoE & ELDA Rush Developments

Heroes of Eldarune

March HoE Update Notes

→ Performance improvements have been made.

→ UI improvements have been made.

→ Added “Discord” button to Landing page

→ Added “Find Opponent” button to Match Finder page

→ Besides Champions, players now also can attack with their nest but it requires 2 MP to attack with the nest.

Tournaments and Events

1- Women’s Day Tournament

We celebrated Women’s Day with battlegrounds designed by our Community! Players used their imagination and skills to design pink and women’s day themed battlegrounds.

Here are a few unique designs:

We held a 2-day tournament with our partner Pink. We successfully completed the tournament with a prize pool of 25,000 $ELDA, Rare OathStones and Pink points! This tournament is dedicated to honoring the talent, passion and power of all the amazing women in our community ✨

Participants in HoE — pinkonomic exclusive events, received their rewards, more than 3.5M $PINK tokens (currently valued ~ $25,350 )

2- Red Box Tournament

We organized the HoE’s longest running tournament in honor of the Red Box Free to Mint Event. Eldarune’s goes to multichain with Avalanche makes this mint event special. The reward pool was as huge as the tournament:

- 444 Red Box WL

- 250,000 $ELDA Tokens

- Eldarune NFTs

- Partner Events Prizes

1100+ people participated in this two-week tournament. Thanks to all players for this amazing participation number!

2 New Partners & 3 Events


We asked for your favorite meme token on Avalanche and you chose SUBAVA! We held an event at the Red Box tournament with our first meme token partner Subava. Increased our Reward pool with 400M $SUBAVA tokens.


We’ve announced an event with our HoE partner E4C, running from March 21st to March 26th, with 5 Epic Battle Pass rewards.

World of Elymnias

World of Elymnias Returned with New Updates:

→ Chat system added to the game

→ Performance improvements have been made

→ UI improvements have been made

→ Particle performance increased

*Clan system and Clan boss mode will be active shortly

Download WoE: https://discordapp.com/channels/961703141257142272/1156487146425827369


ELDA Rush continues to be developed without slowing down! Are you ready for a thrilling Multichain MOBA experience? Stay tuned for Rush updates. We have good news for you soon!

ELDA Runes NFT Collection Re-launched!

After completing the necessary updates, the ELDA Runes Utility collection is relaunched with significant upgrades both in utility and art.

New Utilities:

  • Item NFT Upgrade Boost
  • $ELDA Token Staking Boost
  • Upgrade ELDA Runes on Workshop
  • New and Advanced ELDA Runes Holder Roles
  • New Hold & Earn Event

Check for details: https://digalabs.gitbook.io/whitepaper_eldarune/nfts/elda-runes-utility-nft-collection

Trade NOW

Digard Testnet Phase 1 Preparations Announced

While DIGA Labs are preparing Digard testnet phase 1 at full speed, $ELDA holders will have a chance to get $DIGA airdrops.

Onchains NFT Collection

Onchains NFT collection comes with Utilities! The team and some valuable community members have cool onchains PFPs. Follow the news on Onchains NFTs. Something huge is coming!

Discord Events

We did many events with our community on Discord:

  • Rumble
  • Trivia
  • Meme Art Contest
  • Sticker/Emoji Contest
  • HoE Gameplay Video Contest

We had fun together at these events and our community won a lot of Red Box WL.

Join our Discord to never miss new events, updates and important news: http://discord.gg/eldarune

Eldarune continues to revolutionize Web3games with;

- 5K Active Users,

- 600,000 TXs

- 100,000 Monthly TXs

- Less than $1M Burn Rate in 2.5 years

- Interoperability Between Games & Chains

- 25 Different NFT Smart Contracts

- 3 Different NFT Collections

- 1 Token & 4 Games

Eldarune has the most cutting edge blockchain & Web3Gaming technology.

Trust the Tech, Trust the Team Behind the Tech!

See you in April for the Red Box Mint event, new HoE and WoE tournaments, Avalanche Integration, ELDA Rush and Journery developments and more!




Eldarune is a Game Factory that develops AI-powered 4k ARPG Game Eldarune: Word of Elymnias and Card Game Heroes of Eldarune