Eldarune — January 2024

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Take Away

2 Important Partnership Agreements (details coming soon)
Heroes of Eldarune Closed Beta Release
Heroes of Eldarune Playtest, Bug Fixes, and Game Mechanics Improvements
Mirage Pack Free to Mint Event
World of Elymnias Chat Mechanism
World of Elymnias Clan System Mechanism
3 Collab Announcements
ELDA Rush Live Stream Playtest, Game Design Improvements


January was a valuable month for us in terms of partnerships.

We signed contracts with two of our new major partners in January. We believe that these partners will add value to Eldarune in the short and long term.

In addition to the major partnership agreements, We collaborated with different projects to add value to Eldarune.

Swagga — Eldarune Community Club is ready and waiting to take its place on Swagga Metaverse to organize social and entertainment activities. Link
Metacade — Eldarune is listed on Metacade to reach out and onboard the gaming community. Link
AIT Protocol — Eldarune teamed up with AIT Protocol to strengthen AI service and data solutions. Link
Carv — Eldarune created the Data to Earn campaign for Mirage Pack wl distribution and featured with the BNB chain CARVnival event. Link1 Link2


Heroes of Eldarune (HoE)

Eldarune’s Trading Card Game, Heroes of Eldarune(HoE) was released as a closed beta on the 15th of Jan. More than 500 players tested HoE in 15 days and shared their feedback.

According to feedback that we collected from HoE players we made improvements in the game mechanics and game design.

  • Sound effects added
  • Adding different cards in the same area is fixed
  • Timer is fixed
  • Deck Builder Save Option is Fixed
  • Full-screen options on Android and PC browsers are fixed
  • Free-to-play mechanics are added

The HoE development process will be designed to fully focus on gamer orientation and gamer’s suggestions.

World of Elymnias

Chat & Clan System has been developed, It will be available with the upcoming version which will be released with the Clan Boss Mode.

Death Match Tournament

We distributed 250,000 ELDA and 250,000 ELDA worth of NFTs in the Death Match tournament with the participation of 500 people.

Stay tuned for ELDA Rush Playtest & Eldarune Journey Open Beta Announcements

Renewed Eldarune.com | 1 Token 4 Games


In January, we had the opportunity to hold an NFT Mint event and update our NFT smart contracts.

With the Mirage Pack Mint Event, we distributed free NFT packs for Heroes of Eldarune to our new community members and World of Elymnias Players

To create a stronger game economy, increase the number of players, and balance scarcity, we converted our Oathstone and Ticket NFTs into SBT.

In addition, we made NFT Item Upgrades and Store UX & UI updates.

Development of the ELDA Runes Utility Collection continues.

- Token standart update is done
- New Staking Contract is ready
- Hold and Earn Lock Contract is ready
- Item Upgrade Chance is in progress
- $ELDA token Staking boost is in progress


We shared the developments with our community members through both our local and global AMA and live stream events, and we played and tested our games together.

We had the opportunity to play ELDA Rush with some of our community members on the livestream.

Special Challenges

2024 Short-term Roadmap




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