Eldarune — February 2024

4 min readMar 2, 2024



  • $ELDA listed on MEXC
  • Customized HoE Tournaments
  • Journey, WoE and Rush Developments
  • HoE gameplay and design improvements
  • 4 Collab Announcements
  • Ambassador Program Applications
  • Red Box Free Mint Event Announcement
  • Onboarded two PR/Marketing Agencies for Eldarune
  • Upcoming for March — ELDA Runes Re-launching

New $ELDA CEX Listing

We announced the listing of $ELDA on MEXC as a Valentine’s Day present to our community. Users have committed a total of 31,882,296 MX on Kickstarter to support the ELDA listing on MEXC!

$ELDA/USDT trading on MEXC: https://www.mexc.com/exchange/ELDA_USDT


Heroes of Eldarune

HoE continues to develop with our Community. We made the game interface more user-friendly. We increased the importance of the luck factor. There have been many changes to the gameplay and design of HoE!

Update Notes

- New landing page

- New button designs

- Waiting one turn to attack with selected cards

- Improved Mana and Time indicators

- Login/Profile and Eldarune Website buttons added to landing page

- Changed the amount of mana required based on card rarity

- Fixed deck saving issue

- New Game mechanics: Attack with multipliers and ability to Dodge the attack.

New Landing Page

PLAY HoE: https://hoe.digard.io/landing


With 1 Token and NFTs you will discover the interoperability and stories of 4 games in the Eldarune Gameverse.

Eldarune Journey is text based — story game. We shared the first structure of Journey. We first planned a simple structure and design, then developed it into a more powerful game. New development stages of Journey are coming soon.

World of Elymnias

WoE Returns with the Clan Boss Mode release on March 8th! Clan creation, In-game Chat, Tasks, In-game XP system, Clan Boss, Clan vs Clan battles are coming for even more fun.


We’re excited to share the latest updates on ELDA Rush as we continue to enhance the game’s features. The introduction of a Free Roam (Spectator) mode, improvements to the Mini Map, and advancements in general game mechanics mark significant progress in our development journey.

As we proceed with the alpha phase, we’re looking forward to the beta version set to launch in April, following successful tests with community members.

Additionally, we’re working on refining the scoreboard to provide more detailed insights into player performance. Stay tuned for more updates as we strive to improve your gaming experience!

New Oathstone & Ticket Designs

Improved Oathstone and Ticket designs. This is the first step in the change of designs in the Eldarune Game factory. New item designs are next. Our design team is working on it!

Community Events

Lunar New Year

We celebrated the Lunar New Year with a special event in our community! Players used their imagination to redesign HoE’s game board and created some amazing designs.

Customized HoE Tournaments

We organized a customized free-to-play tournament in a pink theme with our new partner Pink.

We celebrated the release of the new Avatar series with Cabbages Tournament. We destroyed opponents’ cabbages and had a lot of fun with our community in Discord voice chat.

ELDA Ambassador Program

In February, we announced the launch of our Ambassador Program, an opportunity for Web3 players, leaders, supporters and content creators to join our journey, connect with fellow enthusiasts and earn some bounty along the way.

Details: https://eldarune.medium.com/elda-ambassador-program-5a155174b367

Apply Now: https://dyno.gg/form/1c67f7b3

Red Box Free Mint Event

Eldarune on Avalanche with Red Box Free Mint Event. This is the first special collection of Eldarune NFTs!

Supply: 666 (+ 222)

Chain: Avalanche

Mint Date: 08.04.2024

Check details: https://eldarune.medium.com/eldarune-on-avalanche-20886c3ea549


This month, we established important partnerships that will add value to Eldarune.

MEXC$ELDA listed on MEXC

YuliverseEldarune became the partner of Yuliverse final $ART Airdrop Campaign

GameSwiftHeroes of Eldarune is listed on GameSwift

PinkWe celebrated our partnership with the fun-focused meme community with a pink-themed HoE event

PR/Marketing Agencies

Onboarded two PR/Marketing Agencies for Eldarune. Planning processes have begun.

This strategic move marks a significant milestone in Eldarune’s journey towards amplifying its brand narrative and engaging with a wider audience.

Upcoming for March

  • ELDA Runes NFTs will be available for trading soon. We will announce the NFT Utilities soon with a special event!
    ELDA Runes Re-launching 👀 Stay tuned!
  • Digard Testnet is coming soon! The Eldarune community will receive a positive result directly from the Digard Testnet.




Eldarune is a Game Factory that develops AI-powered 4k ARPG Game Eldarune: Word of Elymnias and Card Game Heroes of Eldarune