Eldarune | April 2024

4 min readApr 30, 2024



  • Token2049
  • ELDA Runes Hold & Earn Final Round
  • WoE, HoE, Journey and ELDA Rush Update Notes
  • New Partnerships
  • Red Box Free to Mint Event Rescheduled


From April 15th to 21st, five members of the Eldarune team participated in the Token2049 event held in Dubai. Our team engaged in fruitful discussions with individuals and projects where we can continually add value to each other.

According to a tweet by Eldarune CEO:

‘’We met more than 150 VCs, angel investors and projects, including significant ones like Animoca Brands, DWF Labs, Sui Network ve 1inch Network ‘’

On April 18th and 19th, at the Blockchain Game Alliance booth, we had the chance to introduce Eldarune to enthusiasts of web3 gaming. Our agenda at Token 2049 included showcasing the Eldarune ecosystem, meeting our community face-to-face, showing how the interoperable structure works with our games, and discussing our roadmap. The event has truly enriched Eldarune. Now, we’re gearing up to build upon these successes with new updates and partnerships!

ELDA Runes Hold and Earn Final Round

As you know, the ELDA Runes NFT collection was recently re-launched. We celebrate this with the Final Hold and Earn event.

Event Starts: May 1st, 6 PM UTC

Event Ends: June 1st, 6 PM UTC

💎 Hold 1 Unique ELDA Runes → Earn 22000 $ELDA Tokens

💎 Hold 1 Ancient ELDA Runes → Earn 8000 $ELDA Tokens

💎 Hold 2 Legendary ELDA Runes → Earn 6000 $ELDA Tokens

💎 Hold 3 Epic ELDA Runes → Earn 4000 $ELDA Tokens

💎 Hold 4 Rare ELDA Runes → Earn 2800 $ELDA Tokens

💎 Hold 6 Uncommon ELDA Runes → Earn 2000 $ELDA Tokens

💎 Hold 10 Common ELDA Runes → Earn 1600 $ELDA Tokens

*Make sure you have enough ELDA Runes before the event starts: https://element.market/collections/eldaruneutilitycollection

To participate in the event on May 1st, you must click on the Join Hold & Earn button in the dApp — My wallet section



HoE continues to be improved with feedback from our community. Many new features and competitive attacks have been added.

  • Added guide to deck builder section
  • Added visual effect for cards in deck builder
  • Attack effects adjusted according to card rarity
  • New Game Mechanics: Chance to hit the opponent’s cards on the battleground and their entire deck
  • Added the possibility to steal life from the opponent when attacking


Currently, the development team is fully focused on launching the full version of World of Elymnias.

  • Clan system has been added to the game
  • Clan boss mode is being improved
  • Dungeon mode optimization problems and bugs are being fixed
  • Performance improvements are being made

We’re working hard for the Best Version!


Journey is almost ready for preview!

  • The infrastructure of the game has been developed
  • Work is underway to make the system more user-friendly
  • Most of the smart contracts are ready
  • A few journals are ready and the stories of others are being prepared


During the month of April, ELDA Rush received optimization improvements, class updates, new skills, and improved game mechanics. But now the development team is fully focused on developing the full version of World of Elymnias.

New Partnerships

1- Solus Agency

Solus is blockchain and fintech marketing agency. We partnered on blockchain for Web3 gaming.

2- Rivalz Network

We joined the Rivalz Ecosystem [RECO] to explore new frontiers in AI-powered gaming leveraging Rivalz modular AI-apps. Our collaboration will enable us to thrive and explore new frontiers in AI gaming.

Red Box Free to Mint Event Rescheduled

First of all, we appreciate your understanding. We had to postpone Red Box due to Ramadan Holiday and Token 2049 Dubai event. We are now preparing for Red Box and will announce the new event date as soon as possible. We sincerely thank you for your continued support and excitement for the upcoming Red Box Free to Mint Event.




Eldarune is a Game Factory that develops AI-powered 4k ARPG Game Eldarune: Word of Elymnias and Card Game Heroes of Eldarune