ELDA Tournament Season Starts!

4 min readNov 19, 2023


Get Ready to Grind, Battle, Win & Earn

The ELDA Tournament Season starts today at 06 PM UTC for android users with World of Elymnias (WoE) Open Beta Tournament 1, this means now it is time to grind, battle, win & earn!

This is just the beginning. We will have many more tournaments!

WoE Open Beta Tournament 1 Starts: 06 PM UTC, 19.11.2023
WoE Open Beta Tournament 1 Ends: 06 PM UTC, 03.12.2023

255.000 $ELDA Total Reward Pool — 1st Place Reward 100.000 ELDA

🏆 Get Ready for Challenging: The First Android Mobile Tournament🏆

Greetings, Champions of Elymnias!

As Eldarune evolves, so does the spirit of competition and fellowship within our community. We hear you! Eldarune — WoE has had its share of bugs, but fear not — our dedicated team has been hard at work, tirelessly fixing every glitch. Currently you’re playing in the Beta Mainnet phase, we owe our progress to your unwavering support and feedback, especially from our fantastic early adopters. With your continued help, Eldarune will get better and better with every update. And it’s time we showed our gratitude!

Eldarune — WoE isn’t just a game; it’s an experience meant to be enjoyed effortlessly, anywhere you go. Being an idle game, it’s designed to be easy to play on the go, making it a perfect fit for mobile devices. Its simplicity and convenience align seamlessly with the mobile version. The game’s easy accessibility allows you to dive into the adventure whenever and wherever you please, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience right at your fingertips.

Fluid gameplay is at the heart of our mobile version (Better Performance for now), making it the ideal arena for this exciting showdown. Experience the pulse-pounding action of the Dungeon mode and engaging PvP Arena, all rolling out on mobile first. PC players, your time will come once we’ve fine-tuned every aspect. Mobile warriors, this one’s for you!

And now, for the intriguing details about the first but not last mobile tournament:

In this tournament, a prize pool of 255000 $ELDA tokens awaits Top 10 players. The rewards are as follows:

  • 1st Place: 100k $ELDA tokens
  • 2nd Place: 50k $ELDA tokens
  • 3rd Place: 25k $ELDA tokens
  • 4–5. 4th and 5th Place: A shared pool of 30k $ELDA tokens(15k each)
  • 6–10. 6th to 10th Place: A shared pool of 50k $ELDA tokens(10k each)

Prize distribution will be done without vesting in a week after the tournament is finished. This is the very beginning of many other events. After this tournament is done, there will be more and regular competitions with exclusive reward pools.

But that’s not all — there will be two types of exclusive Discord roles. One is for participation, recognizing your involvement in this thrilling event and connecting you with a community of fellow passionate gamers.

The other roles are for the first three players in the Top Players leaderboard. Consider these roles as prestigious badges of honor specifically crafted for Eldarune Tournaments. Much like winning a medal, the Top Players of each tournament proudly carry these Roles. As one tournament concludes, the victors gracefully transfer the honor to the next set of Top Players, ensuring a legacy of excellence in Eldarune. Will you secure one of these prestigious titles and join the elite ranks of Eldarune?

Every player will have 10 PvP Arena tickets that refill every day. These tickets are your key to climbing the Top Players leaderboard. Here’s how the actions will contribute to your leaderboard standing:

  • PvP Game Entry: 1 Point (win/lose)
  • Attack team win/lose: 10 Points / -5 Points
  • Defense team win/lose: 5 Points / -5 Points

Here’s a secret to boost your chances: use all 10 of your daily tickets every day throughout the tournament, and you might just unlock an extra layer of rewards. Exclusive rewards await those dedicated participants who make the most of their daily entries.

New Ticket System Activated

From now on, you will be able to buy autopay tickets from the Store on Digard (https://app.digard.io/store)

We will share details and updates about this system.


Step 1 — Claim Alec NFT

Step 2 — Get your ‘’Alec NFT Owner’’ role on our Discord server

Step 3- Download Eldarune:WoE V.118 version from the ‘’📱︱mobile-version’’ channel on our Discord server & Enjoy!

Note: You need to hold 4 different champions to play in dungeons and fight against others.
If you don’t have 4 different champions, get a starter pack

Get ready to dive into the arena and embrace the fun, excitement, and pure competitive spirit of our tournament. The battles are about to begin — see you in the Arena!




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