ELDA Runes NFT Utilities by Eldarune

3 min readApr 19, 2023

Not just an NFT. This Collection shows the commitment of the community to Eldarune and gives huge utilities to owners.

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ELDA Runes Unrevealed NFT BoX

Revolutionizing & Personalizing the Gaming Experience of Eldarune with AI

Eldarune is an upcoming AI-Powered fantasy RPG that promises to deliver an unparalleled and immersive gaming experience for players. With its rich and detailed world-building, engaging storyline, and innovative gameplay mechanics, Eldarune is poised to become a must-play title for fans of the genre and provides an immersive and dynamic gaming experience that keeps players.

ELDA Runes Overview

ELDA Runes is a Free to Mint Utility NFT Collection of Eldarune.
Total Supply: 5000
Blockchain: BNB Chain
ELDA Runes Reveal Date: TBA

Don’t forget to add your wallet the gas fee amount!

Tier System of ELDA Runes

1- Common — 2400 pieces
2- Uncommon — 1600 pieces
3- Rare — 600 pieces
4- Epic — 280 pieces
5- Legendary — 120 pieces
6- Ancient — Only with upgrading
7- Unique — Only with upgrading

Utility powers increases according to your ELDA Runes Tier

ELDA Runes Utilities

Utility #1 — ELDA Runes NFT Collection is Upgradable

ELDA Runes NFT Collection is Upgradable, this utility will decrease the Total Supply of the Collection and Increase the Value of It

How does Upgrade System Works?

In the First 24 Hours of the Reveal:
1 ELDA Runes + Upgrade Fee= 1 Upper Tier ELDA Runes

1 ELDA Runes will be burned and you will get one upper tier ELDA Runes

After the First 24 Hours of the Reveal:
2 ELDA Runes + Upgrade Fee= 1 Upper Tier ELDA Runes

2 ELDA Runes will be burned and you will get one upper tier ELDA Runes

Utility #2 — ELDA Token Staking Bonus

Use the Staking Power Bonuses of ELDA Runes to earn more from the $ELDA token from staking! According to your Tier, get additional staking power! Up to 90%!

Utility #3 — Stake & Earn Champion & Item Chest NFTs

Stake your #ELDARunes to get champion NFTs according to your tier and staking period. Legendary Champion NFTs are waiting for the stakers!

Utility #4 — Hold and Earn ELDA Token Airdrops

Hold your ELDA Runes and Earn ELDA Tokens according to your Tier and hold time!

Utility #5 — Opportunity to be an early investor of ELDA Token

If there will be an early investment chance for the community, According to your Tier and Your Luck, you can become an early investor of ELDA Token.

Utility #6 — 5 Golden Ticket


Utility #7 — 5 Unique ELDA Runes Owners will Be Hero in Eldarune

5 Unique ELDA Runes owners will be heroes in Eldarune, they can choose their skills, genre, and character design, and live in the virtual world!

Utility #8 — WL for Upcoming Events

ELDA Runes is the first NFT Event of Eldarune, you will get WL for upcoming NFT Events of Eldarune, PFP Collection, Champion Chest Collection, Item Collection, and other upcoming ones!

NFT WLs and Airdrops from partnerships and collaborations.

Utility #9 — Special Gifts at the Beginning of Each Season

Eldarune is a season-based game, like a TV series, every new season there will be new heroes, new items, and new utilities will be added to Eldarune.

According to your tier, you will get unique gifts according to the new season’s content and context.

Utility #10 — In-game experience, drop-rate increase, and Upgrade Chance Increase

Details will be available with the full release of Eldarune!

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Eldarune is a Game Factory that develops AI-powered 4k ARPG Game Eldarune: Word of Elymnias and Card Game Heroes of Eldarune