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It’s been a long journey, and it continues.

$ELDA Listing Date: 30th of May
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We believe in transparency and accountability. Our community deserves the evidence and facts to make informed decisions.

We are committed to providing full visibility and sharing the proof behind our actions, ensuring trust and open communication every step of the way.

Locked Amount/Duration:
— 90M $ELDA Team tokens for 60 months
— 30M $ELDA Treasury tokens for 42 months.

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Let’s Change the Game!

Executive Summary

In this article, we want to summarize the key features and plans for Eldarune, AI Provider to Games & an AI-powered medieval RPG game.

Eldarune aims to provide a personalized gaming experience by integrating AI mechanics and offering AI as a Service for other game projects. The game includes features such as NPC improvising, NPC communication with text and microphone, enemy AI personalization, AI vs. AI PvP mechanics, champion AI training, and NFT-based game ownership.

The roadmap includes the release of Eldarune Season 1 on the BSC Mainnet, expansion to multiple platforms, community engagement initiatives, partnerships, and growth plans.

The business plan focuses on long-term sustainability through NFTs, token utilities, and revenue allocation for sustainable initiatives and community development.

The document also highlights the token utilities of $ELDA, including farming and staking, token burn mechanics, NFT purchases and rentals, gear crafting, arena ticket purchases, in-game experiences and boosts, and item upgrades.

The summary concludes with the mention of partners and backers involved in the project.

What is AI as a Service for Games

Eldarune productizes its in-game AI Mechanics and creates a service for Game Projects which want to personalize their player’s gaming experience.

  • NPC Improvising
  • NPC communication with Text and Microphone
  • Enemy-AI personalization
  • AIvsAI PvP mechanics
  • Champion AI Training and Education Mechanism
  • Trained Champion AI NFTs

What is Eldarune?

Eldarune is an AI-Powered medieval RPG based on a storyline with 4K graphics, PvP, and PVE modes.

Eldarune offers a unique and personalized gaming experience that is revolutionized by AI integration by adapting players’ play styles and behavior and Eldarune creates a dynamic, ever-changing gaming world that keeps players engaged and entertained.

1- One-month Roadmap

  • Elda Token Staking System will be available, take it there will be huge -staking bonuses in the first 24 hours.
  • Productizing Eldarune AI Mechanics as “AI as a Service For Games”,
  • Eldarune Season 1 will be released on the BSC Mainnet for PC.
  • Eldarune Mobile Testnet Version will be released. Let’s Change The Game.
  • Major Partnerships
  • New Listing
  • ELDA Airdrops

Long-term road map: https://digalabs.gitbook.io/whitepaper_eldarune/roadmap

2- Growth Plan

Reaching New Players and Communities
Reaching New Games for AI as a Service

- Investor Acquisition
- Gamer Acquisition
— Web 2
— Web3
- Game Acquisition


Eldarune already integrated with BSC, AVAX, MATIC, and ARB on the testnet. After the mainnet release of Eldarune on BSC, we will start to join other blockchains to grow our community.

Community Engagement

  • Community Events: AMAs, Trivia Nights, Discord Game Nights, Twitch Streams
  • Encouraging players-generated content, such as fan art, gameplay videos, and guides, and sharing them on social media to engage the existing community and attract new players.
  • Organizing regular events, weekly, monthly, and season-based tournaments, and challenges with attractive rewards to incentivize participation and create a buzz around the game.

Influencer and Streamer Collaborations

  • Collaborating with Web2 and Web3 streamers
  • Sponsored streams, exclusive content, or early access opportunities, to increase exposure and generate interest among their followers.
  • Provide players and streamers with promotional codes or special in-game items to share with their audiences, driving traffic and creating a sense of exclusivity.

Cross-platform Support:

  • Expand Eldarune’s availability to multiple platforms, including PC, consoles, and mobile devices, to tap into a wider player base.
  • Ensure a seamless gaming experience by optimizing the game’s performance and user interface for each platform.
  • Developing a strong presence on popular gaming platforms on both web2(steam) and web3 markets.

Collaborate with Gaming Communities and Organizations:

  • Partnering with gaming communities, guilds, and gaming organizations to organize joint events, competitions, or exclusive in-game content, fostering collaboration and building credibility within the gaming community.
  • Interoperability with other games

Regular Content Updates and Expansion:

  • Planning and releasing regular updates and expansions to keep existing players engaged and attract new ones with fresh content.
  • Incorporate player feedback and suggestions to enhance gameplay mechanics, introduce new features, and address any issues or concerns.

Referral and Loyalty Programs:

  • A referral program that rewards players for inviting their friends to join Eldarune, incentivizing player-to-player recommendations.
  • Develop a loyalty program that offers exclusive benefits, rewards, or in-game perks to long-term players, encouraging their continued engagement and advocacy.

Data Analysis and Iteration:

  • Continuously monitor and analyze user data, including player behavior, engagement metrics, and feedback, to identify areas for improvement and optimize the growth strategy.
  • Iterate and adapt the growth plan based on the insights gained from data analysis to ensure continued success.

3- Business Plan & Long-Term Sustainability

3.1. AI Technology Provider — AI as a Service for Games

Eldarune offers AI integration for other games (Wait for the detailed announcement)

3.2 In-Game Asset

NFT-Based Game Ownership:

  • ELDARUNE will utilize NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) as a means of granting game ownership to players. Players will need to purchase an Alec NFT to gain access to the game.
  • By using NFTs, players have proof of ownership and can securely trade or transfer their game ownership rights.

Non-Transferable Game Ownership:

  • To maintain exclusivity and prevent unauthorized transfers, the Alec NFTs will be non-transferable, ensuring that each player retains ownership of their game account.

Collecting Game Data:

  • ELDARUNE will collect game data to gain insights into player behavior, preferences, and improve the overall gaming experience.
  • The collection of game data will be done in compliance with relevant data privacy regulations and with transparency toward the players.

Item NFTs:

  • ELDARUNE will introduce Item NFTs, representing unique and valuable in-game items. These NFTs can be acquired through gameplay, and events, or purchased from the in-game marketplace.
  • Item NFTs will offer players exclusive and rare items, enhancing their gameplay experience and allowing for potential trading or selling within the game ecosystem.

Character NFTs:

  • Character NFTs will provide players with customizable and unique characters that have varying attributes and abilities.
  • Players can acquire Character NFTs through gameplay achievements, events, or by purchasing them from the in-game marketplace.

Cosmetic/Visual NFTs:

  • Cosmetic/Visual NFTs will allow players to personalize their characters, equipment, and surroundings with exclusive visual enhancements.
  • These NFTs can be acquired through in-game achievements, events, or purchased from the marketplace, providing players with additional customization options.

Premium Accounts/Battle Pass:

  • ELDARUNE will offer premium account subscriptions and Battle Passes, providing players with exclusive benefits and rewards.
  • Premium account holders can enjoy perks such as special designs, experience boosts, and health boosts, enhancing their gameplay progression and overall enjoyment.

Renting Dragon and Ship NFTs:

  • ELDARUNE will introduce the option for players to rent Dragon and Ship NFTs, allowing them to access and utilize powerful assets temporarily.
  • Players can rent these NFTs using in-game currency, providing an additional revenue stream for the game and a unique gameplay element for players.

P2P Rental Commission and NFT Trading Commission:

  • ELDARUNE will charge a commission fee for P2P (player-to-player) rentals of Dragon and Ship NFTs, facilitating secure and fair transactions between players.
  • Similarly, a commission fee will be applied to P2P NFT trading, providing a balanced marketplace for players to trade and sell their NFTs.

Sustainability and Community Development:

  • ELDARUNE will allocate a portion of the revenue generated from NFT sales and commissions to sustainable initiatives and community development.
  • This can include supporting environmental causes, charity partnerships, organizing community events, or fostering educational programs related to gaming.

By implementing these strategies, ELDARUNE aims to create a sustainable business model that leverages NFTs for game ownership, monetization, and player engagement, while also fostering a vibrant and supportive gaming community. Regular updates, transparency, and player feedback will be essential to adapting and refining these initiatives over time.

4- Token Utilities of $ELDA

Farming and Staking:

  • ELDA token holders can participate in farming and staking activities, allowing them to earn additional ELDA tokens as rewards for providing liquidity or holding their tokens in designated staking pools.

Token Burn Mechanics:

  • To promote scarcity and increase the value of ELDA tokens, a portion of tokens will be burned through various mechanisms.
  • 10% of every Character/Item Chest NFT sale tokens will be burned, reducing the total supply.
  • Additionally, 20% of Alec NFT sales will be burned, further decreasing the token supply.

NFT Purchases:

  • Players will have the option to purchase NFTs within the game using ELDA tokens. This provides utility to the token by enabling players to acquire valuable in-game assets and expand their gameplay experience.

NFT Rental:

  • ELDA token holders can rent out their NFTs to other players, earning ELDA tokens as rental income. This feature encourages token holders to leverage their assets and generate passive income within the game economy.

Gear Crafting:

  • Players will be able to use ELDA tokens to craft their gears, allowing them to improve and obtain different genre-specific gears. This adds depth and customization to the gameplay experience, providing players with unique gear options.

Arena Ticket Purchase:

  • ELDA tokens can be used to purchase arena tickets, granting players access to weekly, monthly, and season-based tournaments. This creates a competitive environment and allows players to showcase their skills while providing additional rewards.

In-Game Experiences and Boosts:

  • Players can use ELDA tokens to enhance their in-game experiences and increase drop rates. This may include purchasing special events, unique quests, or boost items that improve their chances of obtaining rare items or achieving specific objectives.

Item Upgrades:

  • By utilizing ELDA tokens, players can upgrade their items. They can merge two items of the same level to create a higher-tier item, providing an incentive for players to invest in improving their equipment and progressing in the game.

These token utilities provide players with various ways to interact with and benefit from the ELDA token within the game ecosystem. The utilities incentivize token holders to engage in gameplay, participate in the game’s economy, and enhance their overall gaming experience.

5- Partners and Backers

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Eldarune is a Game Factory that develops AI-powered 4k ARPG Game Eldarune: Word of Elymnias and Card Game Heroes of Eldarune