Digard V2 & ELDA Runes Utility NFT Staking V2

4 min readJul 2, 2023


Digard V2 and ELDA Runes Utility NFT Staking V2 are now live!

Digard V2

Digard plays a crucial role in providing the necessary blockchain technology. Their expertise ensures that the process is as smooth as possible, allowing users to easily transition and benefit from the upgraded features. Additionally, Digard takes responsibility for integrating and establishing connections between Eldarune and the blockchain. Let’s see what is new on Digard:

  • New UI/UX — Easy Access for all features of Eldarune and Digard.
  • My Wallet — Managing ELDA Runes NFT Staking v2
  • Game Profile — Monitoring Eldarune in-game quests, events etc.

ELDA Runes Utility NFT Staking V2

ELDA Runes is a Free to Mint Utility NFT Collection of Eldarune. ELDA Runes is an NFT collection that allows holders to stake their NFTs to earn Eldarune in-game asset NFTs. After 3 weeks of boosted Staking period, Staking was paused for the preparation of the new staking contract. And finally, the time has come and ELDA Runes Utility NFT Staking is live on Digard. By staking their ELDA Runes NFTs for a certain period of time, holders can unlock different levels of rewards based on the rarity of their ELDA Runes NFT.

In order to maintain the deflationary system and ensure the long-term sustainability of our platform, we have made the decision to increase the staking period. Previously, we offered a boosted staking period for our early supporters as an appreciation for their commitment. Production of Item NFT chests is also over now. From now on, players need to grind in the Dungeons of Elymnias to get new Item NFTs. However, as this boosted period comes to an end, it is important to align our staking mechanics with the principles of scarcity and value preservation. By extending the staking period, we encourage users to hold onto their staked NFTs for a longer duration, reducing market sell pressure and fostering a more stable ecosystem. Here’s the new staking periods and the introductions of new and rebranded rewards and features:


Instead of Champion NFT Chests, staking ELDA Runes NFTs will produce Oathstones from now on. Basically, Oathstones includes the same content as Champion NFT Chests. With this new branding, instead of Item NFT chests, Oathstones have 1 additional rarity. Stakers will be able to produce 4 different rarities of Oathstones. Here’s the staking periods and rewards depending on the rarities:

My Wallet

Inventory: Easy way to track ELDA Runes NFTs. By simply connecting their wallets, users gain access to overview of the ELDA Runes NFTs they own.

Claim: Oathstones will appear in this section to track earned rewards from Staking ELDA Runes NFTs. (Available Soon)

History: Users can now access a detailed record of all their NFT-related transactions, providing a transparent and immutable log of their staking activities. This historical data fosters trust and ensures that users have a clear view of their investment journey, allowing them to analyze past decisions and refine their staking strategies.

ELDA Runes Utility Stake: Unlocking the Potential of ELDA Runes Utility NFT Collection. Staking provides a mechanism through which users can leverage the value of their NFTs to earn additional rewards. With our intuitive staking feature, users can easily select the NFTs they wish to stake and choose which rewards they want to earn.

How to Stake ELDA Runes

- Go to “app.digard.io” and connect wallet

- Press Digard logo which is located on the right top of the page
- Click “My Wallet” to reach the inventory and staking pages.
- Choose the rarity of your ELDA Runes NFTs that you want to stake after clicking “ ELDA Runes Utility Stake “ You can select multiple NFTs with the same rarities to stake them all in one transaction.
- After you choose the NFTs that you want to stake, “ Stake “ button will appear beside the rarity section. Click the “ Stake “ button and then confirm on your wallet.
- You can check your staked NFTs on “ Active Staking “ page.

Active Staking: Real-Time Monitoring and Optimization To further enhance the user experience, our staking contract offers a real-time monitoring feature for active staking. Users can effortlessly track the status of their staked NFTs, including details such as staking duration, potential rewards, and remaining lock-up periods. After the staking period is over, “ Claim all “ button will help you to claim all earned rewards and unlocked ELDA Runes NFTs to their wallets.

Digard and Eldarune team is working hard day and night to provide the best possible experience on blockchain gaming. More features will be added after all the preparation and test processes are done. Stay tuned for upcoming features and announcements.




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